Published on 09/15/2017 11:38 am
9 Tips by a Kolkata Interior Designer for a Trendy Dining Room

If you have got your kitchen a makeover done then why not the same for your dining area?This is also that part of the house where you enjoy with your family over the meals. Even a basic dining room can be given a cool look with the following ideas of an interior designing company in Kolkata.


A dining room with white walls and ceiling looks fabulous when decorated with wooden furniture. Include interesting wall arts and a set of pendant lights with unique frilled shades in red that will highlight the entire decor. 


Use a fine combination of black and white all over the dining room. Go for a table with a raw wooden finish so as to match the floor. Black leather upholstered chairs not just infuse a sense of luxury but look chic as well. You can get a chandelier custom designed for your space to make it the sole attraction!


It won’t cost you much to create a grand dining room since the things you need areeasily available.  A set of rectangular dining table and chairs in white is perfect to compliment the white wallpaper with an ethnic pattern. Select wooden flooring and a gorgeous chandelier to complete the look. A vase full of fresh white flowers can add an extra dose of beauty to the decor. 

Simple yet Stylish

If your dining area is located on the window side then nothing like it. You just need to invest in an edged dining table with a raw wooden finish, cone chairs with legs made of stainless steel and a bench. Get a bright-colored painting to mount it on the adjacent wall and hang a cluster of uniquely designed pendant lights over the dining table. 


Textured walls and tiled flooring in a neutral colour palette can give your dining room a cozy feel. Get a wooden dining table with a glossy finish and white upholstered wooden chairs to pair with it. Use subtle lighting with the help of accent lights in the ceiling and elegant pendants overlooking the dining table. 


Do you have any idea how the colour beige can work wonders for your dining room? Use the shade for the walls, trim, curtains, chair upholstery and the ceiling as well. A dark wood dining table with mismatched chairs will make the room more inviting when placed on a neutral coloured furry floor rug. An investment in a lavish chandelier will reflect the elegance of your room decor. 


Let ball-shaped metallic pendant lights in varying sizes hang from the ceiling, and adorn the walls with a couple of framed fabrics or mosaic paintings.Use the same shade for the floor and the ceiling while keeping the walls white. Opt for sleek white chairs to accompany the exclusive dining table fashioned from two bookended pieces of walnut wood with a prominent live edge at the center. 


Bowl shaped light fixtures, shiny upholstered chairs with a wooden dining table, are all that you will need to make your small dining room look attractive. If the room is separated from your living area with the help of pillars and is thus, suffering a space crunch then decorating it can seem to be quite challenging. In such a case, you may hire any of the interior services in Kolkata. 


Wooden floor and white walls is a matchless combination for a dining room of any size.Wooden dining table with white upholstered chairs stands pretty on the a white floor rug. You can bring in a cabinetry with ornate carvings on its doors and then use the space above it for keeping a mirror along with some figurines. 

Space challenges can be easily fought with if you have creativity. You may explore more ideas by reaching us at Transterior. We are a reliable interior designing company in Kolkata, backed by a team of seasoned professionals. Our innovative design concepts, use of premium raw materials and economic space planning skills distinguish us from the rest.

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